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Here at the Michigan Youth Education Fund, we understand that as an educator you wear a lot of hats! We want to make sure your role as an extracurricular advisor, coach, or leader is not stressful! That’s why we have put┬átogether a page full of resources, advice, and so much more to empower you to achieve your goals.

Extracurricular Opportunity

Group Grant Program

Student groups at Michigan high schools that participate in academic extracurricular activities (like robotics, debate, deca, hosa, and more) can apply for a grant to reduce the overall cost of participating for students. The Grant application opens once a year in August and determinations are released in September.

Grant money can be used for...

  • Conference and Registration Fees
  • Transportation Costs
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Other Normal Expenses

Application Process

Step 1

Read the rules and eligibility to understand if you qualify for a grant. You likely qualify for a grant if…

  1. You are an advisor (18-years-old or older),
  2. You are affiliated with a Michigan High School, and
  3. You will be planning/attending an extracurricular activity.
Step 2

Gather information about yourself, your school, and the event you will be attending.

Step 3

Apply! The application should take approximately 15-30 minutes to fill out, and opens in August.

Step 4

You will receive your determination within in September (we will coordinate with your school to disburse the grant).

Step 5

After your extracurricular activity, let us know how it went! Reporting is a requirement of a grant!

Event Organizer

Use our comprehensive Event Organizer to plan your next conference or event and manage your student roster, fundraising, and more!


Extracurricular Event Directory

Need help finding an extracurricular event that’s right for you? Search our directory for an activity that matches your passions and interests!

  • Search a comprehensive list of extracurricular activities
  • Filter by your interests and passions
  • Learn more about each activity
  • Read reviews

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