Shaping the Next Chapter

Michigan Youth Education Fund Appoints Key Leaders and Honorary Directors At June Meeting.

June 7, 2023 – The Michigan Youth Education Fund is shaping its next chapter by appointing a new Executive Director and Director of Finance, board leadership, and two honorary board members. The restructuring reflects the organization’s continued focus on supporting Michigan students and a renewed emphasis on strategic areas of focus, including programs, fundraising & finance, and community relations.

Over the past six months, the Michigan Youth Education Fund has been preparing to evolve into its next chapter by selecting Carter Houtman as its new Executive Director and adopting a comprehensive strategic plan. Carter has served the organization as the Director of Donor Relations & Outreach for the past three years. He is an alumnus of Grand Valley State University. Carter will oversee the day-to-day operations, carry-out current programs, and implement the newly adopted strategic plan – which focuses on strengthening key areas of the organization, including organizational leadership, program development, and financial sustainability.

The Michigan Youth Education Fund thanks Eric Siegrist for his tenure as Executive Director and welcomes his transition into Director of Finance. Siegrist will strengthen the organization’s financial sustainability through prudent financial management and renewed fundraising efforts. Eric founded the organization in 2020 and served as its Executive Director for three years. Eric recently completed his Master’s in Accounting from Oakland University. Siegrist has developed extensive expertise in nonprofit finance and accounting, which will better position the organization to maximize the number of Michigan students served.

SamuelsMoine, and Krichevsky are happy to continue serving as President, Secretary, and Treasurer for the 2023-2024 term. Samuels, an alumna of Grand Valley State University, has served as President since the organization’s founding and will continue strengthening the Michigan Youth Education Fund’s community relations. Moine, a founding board member, and a current Wayne State University Law student, has served the organization in board leadership for the past three years. Krichevsky has served the organization as Treasurer since the previous year and will work closely with Siegrist in the newly created Director of Finance role to ensure proper stewardship of the organization’s funds.

Paul and Lorrie McVey were appointed as the Michigan Youth Education Fund’s first Honorary Directors to recognize their consistent support and continued giving in support of its mission and programs. During their appointment, Siegrist remarked, “Paul and Lorrie have been here since the inception of our organization and have helped to make meaningful connections, provide sound advice and valuable insight, and consistently support our mission.” Siegrist said, “There is no better way to honor the McVey’s for their contributions than by naming them Honorary Directors.”

The Michigan Youth Education Fund’s leadership is well-positioned to grow the organization and its reach for years to come. Today, you can help support hundreds of Michigan students by making a tax-deductible donation.



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